Tribute to Foreigner, Styx and Journey

Taking the Las Vegas casino circuit by storm, TRINITY(Styx, Foreigner & Journey Tribute) has found a second home in the City that never sleeps. Signed to a long term residency at Texas Station Casino in February 2018, their performances have evolved into highly polished rock productions. Quickly branching out, they headlined Palace Station Casino’s ROCKFEST on September 1, 2018, receiving an overwhelming response. With over 35 shows on the calendar so far this year, they are a ‘must see’ tribute band with a superbly talented line up of veteran players at every position. With a former International Recording Artist on lead vocals, TRINITY is a Tier One act. The TRINITY show is set up as if Styx, Foreigner & Journey were on tour together. Styx as the opening act, followed by Foreigner & Journey as the headliner, giving the audience the experience of a classic concert experience.