Jozef Bobula

Instrumental Jazz

.The Jozef Bobula Trio is currently one of the top jazz bands available for weddings and events in Las Vegas. The Trio consists of piano, bass, drums, and upon request, a vocalist or other instruments. All the members are formally-trained jazz musicians with both high-quality music education and years of experience on the professional stage. All groupings are equipped to provide music for your event in a wide variety of music styles, from jazz, swing, latin, reggae, blues, R&B, and even light contemporary pop and rock & roll. With a song list comprised of over one hundred jazz standards, including many tunes from Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and the Rat Pack libraries, we offer fabulous background jazz music as well as jazz for dancing. The Jozef Bobula Trio does it all, can provide hours of musical entertainment to keep your event humming. Clients may also request specific songs for the set lists. (Please allow at least 4 days prior to your event to process these requests) This offer ensures an exceptional experience and selection of tunes related to your event. Ideal for wedding music, conventions, music for holiday and seasonal events, and much more.

Additionally, we are happy to work as a Trio plus a singer, or as a Duo comprised of two musicians, or bass-and-singer Duo, or even as a soloist. Let us know what suits your event and your budget, and we’ll bring the music that will make it perfect.