Eric Wilson

One man band that sounds like a full band 



Eric “Travis” Wilson plays Neil Diamond to Metallica, Pitbull to Willie Nelson, Sinatra to Lynrd Skynrd, and has been playing music for money since age 14.  While living in Seattle, he appeared on every network TV station Seattle had to offer. He’s received national airplay on Country, R&B, Rock, and College radio stations.  He relocated to Las Vegas in early 2003, performing his solo show in clubs and casinos, and producing recordings for Penn & Teller, Menopause The Musical, Fantasy at the Luxor, ESPN2, BBC, and HBO.  He played guitar in Andrea Boccelli’s band at the Latin Grammy Awards.  He wrote and recorded the music for Pawn Shop Live at the Golden Nugget.  He has appeared in numerous community theater productions, does voiceovers, and has appeared as a Burlesque performer in “Live Burlesque In Las Vegas.”  When he’s not performing popular songs from the last 6 decades in casino lounges, he’s engineering audio for high profile corporate events and performing his one-man musical comedy show “Cowboy Mashup” in comedy clubs.  If Eric plays at your event, you will almost certainly hear a Led Zeppelin song followed by Garth Brooks.

Partial song list